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The most advanced platform to deploy Differential Privacy

Why use Tumult Analytics

Robust and production-ready
Built and maintained by a team of differential privacy experts, and running in production at institutions like the U.S. Census Bureau.
Runs on Spark and effortlessly supports input tables containing billions of rows.
Easy to use
Familiar Python APIs similar to Pandas and PySpark
Supports a large and ever-growing list of aggregation functions, data transformation operators, and privacy definitions.

Build sophisticated workflows

Perform public and private joins, filters, or user-defined functions on your data
Compute counts, sums, quantiles, and more under multiple privacy models

Get started in minutes

Differential privacy made easy, thanks to our simple tutorials and extensive documentation.
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Under the hood

Tumult Analytics is built on our sophisticated privacy foundation, Tumult Core, which mediates access to sensitive data and means that every program and application comes with an embedded proof of privacy.
Built by composing small, easy-to-review components
Provably safe stability tracking and floating-point primitives
Uses a generic framework based on peer-reviewed research

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We announce new releases or feature additions on our Slack server. Feel free to join: we always welcome feedback, feature requests, or questions about our platform and its documentation.
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